Everybody's doing it, so why the hell should I?

One gal's journey into discovering her sexuality

(Haters need not apply.)

Hey everyone!

Just an average gal here. Nothing special.
This will basically be a blog for me to feel out things I'm not comfortable putting on my main.

For the brave of heart: Strap yourselves in. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.


I was thinking today about all those posts that say things like “before I knew about asexuality I thought I was broken” and
Before I knew the term I still knew kind of what I was except it didn’t have a name so I would make weird metaphors like:
You know how you can “bat for the other team” or “swing the other way”… “I’m not playing” or “I prefer the monkey bars”
I was like twelve and I feel like those still accurately describe what I now use the term asexuality for


shout-out to the incredibly physically attractive aromantic asexual people that get bitched for being single because they’re “too full of themselves to date anyone”

shout-out to the aromantic asexual people who aren’t incredibly physically attractive that get made fun of for being single due to “being unattractive”

you people are so fucking amazing, okay?

you’re wonderful as hell, and i’m so fucking proud of you guys for making it this far while being pressured to be in romantic relationships

you’re all so strong

Just because I’m asexual doesn’t mean I can’t find people attractive. I mean, someone’s milkshake may bring me to the yard but that doesn’t stop me being lactose intolerant.

Me, finally discovering the best way to explain my sexuality to my friends     


I think what I hate hearing most is: “You’re too pretty to be asexual.” 


When I tell you I’m asexual, the only thing you can safely assume is that I probably don’t experience sexual attractionThat statement of identity tells you nothing about any of my other preferences for literally anything ever

You do not get to assume anything about my relationship to my body, my libido, my health status (physical or mental, ie my hormone levels or whether I’ve suffered a traumatic sexual experience), my romantic inclinations, my relationship to sex, anything. It also doesn’t necessarily mean you’re invited to ask questions about any of those things and expect answers. 


getting REAL TIRED of the media acting like a relationship can’t be substantial without sex


Look at what my stepdad made :)


Wow I would just love to find and fall for someone who will love me and respect me being asexual that would be hella great.


I watched this show where one of the main characters was homosexual and it was really cool and all, but at the end of the season, he suddenly realized that his homosexuality could be cured by kissing the right girl, and how empty and wrong his life had been until then.

Fucked up, right?
Then stop telling me that I shouldn’t be angry at shows that present asexual (main-) characters only to have the big solution be them finally realizing how wrong and broken they had been.
Because this is it, this is what every goddamn show looks like to an asexual person and I have a right to think that that’s extremely fucked up.

Allies who think they deserve the ‘A’ in LGBTQA more than asexuals